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Starting from scratch

I started this in another forum but then I realized it should've been posted here.

My location. Central NJ, 45 miles, line of sight, from both NYC and Philly. On top of a mountain at 670' elevation. There are several radio (police communications) and a microwave towers within 1 mile radius of my house. I'm not sure it they will effect my reception.

I intend to cancel Comcast cable. Since I bought Apple TV I barely watch cable. I still want live news and sports. I also want to be able to get news if we go another two weeks without power like we did with Sandy. We were on genny power but cable was out.

I don't know the language here so I need some advice at my level, the lowest common denominator. What is the best rooftop antenna for my needs? I think I would like to rotate it between both Philly and NYC. How would I mount it? How do I get the signal into my house? I will still have cable Internet, will that effect how I connect into my pre-existing coax? What is a pre-amp? Do I need one? Is there anyone out there that sells everything I need in one kit or package?

Also. We get some heavy winds during storms. 30-40mph, according to my rooftop anemometer. I'd prefer it if I didn't have to go look for the antenna after the first storm.

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