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Originally Posted by mtownsend View Post
We were hoping that IC's database would eventually catch up to the real status of active transmitters, but we're not sure when they will actually get around to cleaning it up.
It appears that the delay in updating the database is partly due to how it is being done -- no changes are made until the broadcaster files its certification information to indicate that the AU facility is operating as per the original engineering brief. Once that happens, the DT facility is supposed to be promoted to "OP", and the former analog facility is supposed to be deleted from the public version of the database.

Some times there are delays in getting all the i's dotted and the t's crossed. Other times, there seems to be some confusion when there are multiple entries associated with a given station.
Furthermore, there is no real policy established yet for what to do with returned licenses (SunTV, the upcoming CBC and TVO analog TV shutdowns on July 31, etc.)

There is also a request pending to make available entries that correspond to CRTC Part I applications, which are currently not available in the public version of the databse. (This means that the engineering brief and other technical details involved in a Part I (expedited) application are available on the CRTC website, but not in the public version of the IC database.)

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