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The file appears to only have data up to 6-Oct-2011. The version.txt is newer (19-Mar-2012), but the data files themselves do not appear to be very recent.

Just FYI, we already pull in data directly from the site at We process the files available under "Broadcasting database files (ZIP, 5 MB), updated daily". As far as we can tell, this is the most up-to-date information publicly available from Industry Canada.

Prior to the digital switchover, many of the digital transmitters were marked as "AU" (authorized) and the analog transmitters were marked as "OP" (operational). After the switch, IC changed some of the digital transmitters to "OP" and removed some of the analog records which were turned down. However, their process of updating the database seems to have slowed down.

We were hoping that IC's database would eventually catch up to the real status of active transmitters, but we're not sure when they will actually get around to cleaning it up.
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