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Welcome Bud,

You have a few options. You don't specify whether you have the
2Max or 4Max from Clearstream. Both are very good antennas.
The 4Max has more gain to pick up weaker signals. One option
would be multiple antennas. One for most Syracuse stations and
the other for Ion and Utica/Rome stations. You would need some
kind of switch to keep them separate and you would need two
cable runs and switches to each television. Another option would
be a rotor. The drawback would be that you could not watch
Syracuse and Ion/Utica/Rome at the same time.

You might just want to move the antenna higher/lower or in alternate
positions and see if that helps. The would be simpler and far less
costly. Sometimes you can hit that "sweet spot" and get all the
channels just right..............

Joe formerly from W.N.Y.
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