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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
Perhaps you've heard of a conflict of interest or impartiality?????
I have absolutely no connection to any antenna or electronic distributor
or manufacturer. Simply, I install television/radio antennas and have
done so for many years. Since you have not declared your independence
from Televes, we can only assume your "comparisons" and reviews are
skewed to make your employer, Televes, look good. I do have a DAT Boss
Mix LR ordered and will judge for myself how it performs, how it is designed and
engineered and how durable it might be. I hate buying chinese crap and hope
I'm pleasantly surprised. In closing, Is your name, "SEV" short for several
cards short of a full deck????
Oh contraire.
If you are an installer you have an affiliation with every manufacture you use. Especially if you are purchasing direct.

Generally speaking if you are a DBA, S or C corp you will have an account with either the manufacture directly or one of their distributors. Assuming you are not a distributor or wholesaler yourself.

Of course if you are an installer that purchases his products from Walmart, Menards or Lowes for cash that might be a different matter entirely.

So when I start doing shootouts involving Winegard vs CM vs AD vs anybody else.
And I am using Kitztech, Winegard, CM, AD preamps along with Televes.
Who am I going to be the lucky employee of the month for?

Seems to me you are only one embarrassing yourself here by making personal attacks and unsubstantiated accusations.

As you are a businessman. Supposedly.
It is quite unprofessional and telegraphs a certain impression about your ethics or possible lack there of.

Since you asked so nicely.
I have no affiliation contractually or employment wise with any telecommunications company at this point in time.
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