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Transmitter list after Data set III.



After looking over all of the results.
There is no question that under my particular conditions, in mountainous terrain, the DATBoss LR Mix holds it own against the venerable Winegard 9095, Antennacraft Y10-7-13 and the Winegard AP-8275 preamp.

This becomes more notable when you take into context of the Televes design being far more compact.

Now will the Televes DATBoss MIX LR be a solution for all occasions?

There is always a caveat

We must always remember that every individuals situation is different both regionally and geographically.

Also this particular antenna is not VHF LO capable.

Certain circumstances may dictate a different choice in equipment.

This particular model is a contender for choice in circumstances that allow for it.
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