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Televes DATBoss MIX LR vs Stacked Winegard 9095 + Antennacraft Y10-7-13 + AP-8275

Televes DATBoss MIX LR vs Stacked Winegard 9095 + Antennacraft Y10-7-13 + Winegard AP-8275 Preamp

The DATBoss comes with an integrated preamplifier which dynamically adjusts the over all gain to appropriate levels in order to avoid overloading.
Its maximum VHF gain is 28dB
And maximum UHF gains is 27 dB.
The Winegard AP-8275
UHF 29dB
VHF 28dB
Both my local and fringe transmitters will be used in the testing.
Local transmitters Are at 60 degrees and range from 4.9 and 6.9 miles out.

One note. RF14 is a side lobe measurement. It is actually coming in from around 14 degrees in Virginia.

Fringe transmitters will be shot at 260 degrees and are 100-120 miles out.

The local topography is steep with intervening mountain ranges.

All the transmitters are 1 and 2 edge.

The Spectrometer I will be using is a Televes H30D3

A Winegard LS-275C splitter is being used.

Testing was done on 2 different days.

Fringe transmitters were tested on day 1

Day 1 was Inclement, overcast, rainy and had thunderstorms.

Local transmitters were tested on day 2.

Day 2 was partly cloudy and with nice conditions.

A couple of pictures of the antennas in play and the lay of the land of my transmitters.

Some topographic Profiles to give you a sense of the challenges.

RF9 Local

RF28 Local

RF26 Fringe

The next images are my local traces over several hours time.
You will see white gaps.
That is where I switched out antennas.
Alternating from left to right on each is DAT-9095-DAT-9095





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