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Thanks for taking the time to suggest improvements!

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Are you talking about displaying two transmitter overlays on the map at the same time? or something else?

I might have a better idea of what you'd like to see if you provided a sample location and a description of what you would like displayed.

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Hi Andy,

I'm a fairly new member here on TV Fool's forums but I agree with what geolee said. Although I'm not sure if it is possible to do so, it would be really neat to be able to see how various signals overlap using the colour overlays on the maps. For example, if there was a checkbox beside each signal in the tables below the map, a user could select which signals he/she wants to see as overlays on the map and then be able to compare coverage and check for co- or adjacent-channel interference or what-have-you. In my opinion, it would be a really cool addition if it is possible.
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