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Originally Posted by l37 View Post
I was reading about the RCA751 recently - would that be better than the DB4e in my situation? Right now I am debating between the RCA751 (evidently the store I saw this at has a 751 not 751R) and the DB8 (not DB8e)
No, the RCA ANT751 would not be better than the DB4e; it doesn't have a much gain that you need for WLS ABC, real channel 44, virtual channel 7.1.

None of the antennas that you have mentioned have enough gain for WBBM CBS, real channel 12, virtual channel 2.1.

Based on your report, you should be getting WLS OK with the DB4e and the RCA preamp. Something else must be wrong.
Antenna would be mounted on the second floor, behind a glass door (screen door removed). Line of sight is pretty clear, thought there are some tree branches in view. There are also some buildings, but they are not directly in the line of sight for the antenna.
Can you show us a photo looking out that door so that we can see what the antenna sees when aimed at 53 degrees magnetic?

Your other thread for reference:
DB4e vs DB8
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