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Fixed and clickable.
Thanks for reducing its width; much better.
That was a hyphen, not a minus sign. Not clear, edited to "sub 20 dB".
Thanks; I guessed wrong.
I don't have room for three antennae on that mast. Three antennae, something doesn't seem right here.
Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
I overdo it frequently, especially with wood.

Would you consider replacing one of the UHF antennas with a UHF/VHF-High combo antenna like the Winegard HD7698P?
It would have to be the 91XG, because that is the same direction as for KGO RF7, I think.

Another alternative would be the VHF Kit on top of the DB4e as suggested by ADTech.

If that isn't enough gain, another alternative would be a modified MCM 30-2475 between the 91XG and the DB4e.
Remove the upper and lower reflector rods, leaving just one; its 33-1/8 length should be sufficient for channel 7.
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