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Looks like the DB4E was the way to go

I mounted the DB4E antenna to the chimney today on a 10' mast, 15' of high quality RG6, no preamp, Silicondust HDHR4 network tuner. It is a couple feet above the peak of the roof, about 24' above ground level. According to the TVfool report, the three stations I'll have the most difficulty pulling in are:

Station: direction/location/strength/SNR/symbol quality/distance
KBCW 45 (44.1) 316 deg Mt. Sutro 95/85/100/47 miles
KFTL-CD 28 (28.1) 312 deg Mt. San Bruno 72/64/100/16 miles
KAXT-CD 42 (1.1) 356 deg Mt. Allison 98/90/100/43 miles

I aimed the antenna trying to split the difference using channels 45 and 42, probably should re-aim a few degrees to the west using 28 and 42 to see if I can't improve 28.

Thanks for the advice. I'm glad I got the smaller, broader-beam antenna.

Edit: added some installation photos, click to zoom. Notice the 10G solid ground to a copper rod in the dirt off camera. The green stranded 12G goes from the ground spike to a coax ground block before entering the attic to tie into the ground bus back to the electrical panel ground. There are only 6' of RG6 from the attic entry point under the eaves, the HDHR4-US network tuner sends the streams over the network to a media server PC that DVRs and transcodes to mobile and other clients anywhere on the internet.

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