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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
DB4e would be a better, more appropriate, and less expensive choice.

Now that both KNTV's flagship NBC programming is on KSTS and KGO has their UHF 35 translator, it's no longer necessary for folks in San Jose and points southwards down the valley to fight the VHF battle.

You probably don't need a preamp, but, if you do, the Juice will not overload internally. It might cause overload in your tuner, but IT won't overload.
Do you think the dB4E is enough for RF channels 42 (356 deg) and 45 (315 deg) at -80 dBm with the antenna pointed at 335 degrees? I guess the 60 degree beam angle of the less-directional dB4e might actually be better as you say.

The benefit, if any, of the pre-amp may depend on the noise figure of the Juice compared to the NF of the HDHR3 low noise amp plus 20' of RG6. The tuner overload can be avoided with an attenuator at it's input, presuming the noise margin of the signals is significantly improved with a pre-amp.



Edit: I guess if there was an indication I needed a pre-amp, or wasn't able to get all the signals, the correct thing to do is a higher gain antenna before adding a pre-amp. But then directivity of the higher gain and my 40 degree separation between antenna farms comes into play. Try it and see . . .

Or I could get a dB8e, aim the panels separately, and cable the individual panels (two dB4e?) to separate tuners so as to avoid phasing interference issues from combining the RF. A moderately more expensive solution, but at $90/tuner not entirely unreasonable.

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