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Jason l
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Receivers in new tvs

So I'm Very interested in the same topic as I was geting channels on an old digital JVC tv that I couldn't get on a newer flatt screen generic when I bought my newest tv I questioned the salesman wich tv had the best ota tuner, he didn't have a clue, so I had him poll up info on the lgs and samsung. Samsung Had more intergraded recevers. Or somthing like that. I got a samsung and it is a little better than the generic one I replaced. However it does not have a channel guide like the free government recevers to convert digital to anolog tv. So I am going to bring a small bow tie antenna with me next time I buy a tv. To see wich is overall best for strength and channel guide. Samsung does have a channel guide with 2 showings now and after. Generic only has what is playing now. So any body have a tv with a good channel guide for ota ?
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