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The built-in tuner in my television (Haier) is definitely not as effective as my freestanding tuner (RCA) for anything, except viewing. The freestanding tuner can pick up more channels than my television's built-in tuner; I can check signal strength; and I can keep existing channels programmed when I do a re-scan. I cannot check signal strength, nor keep existing channels on a re-scan, with my television's built-in tuner. The television tuner does allow HD programs to show at the higher resolutions. I use the freestanding tuner to tweak my antennas for better reception, and view broadcasts through the television's built-in tuner.

Update 12-1-2010: I contacted Haier about the television set's built-in scanner. Haier's response: based on their belief that so few people do not have cable, or its like, there is little reason to have a better quality built-in tuner.

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