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Rabbit. Yes, trees and buildings are a major issue at this spot. Thus I need a pre amp even for the local channels. Hard to believe but it really does help.

I am going to use a rotor because I've found that moving the antenna just a few inches from 15 degrees will give me a better signal for either Ch. 2 (virtual) or Ch. 7 (virtual). And I have also found that when I use either a 4 bay or 8 bay, (U4000 or Super G 1483 8 bay)moving the antenna up or down a few inches will mean the difference between getting 2 or 7 but not both at the same time unless I move the antenna a few degrees to the west of 15 degrees which also reduces the signal of Ch. 26. Ch. 22 is the strongest signal from Dayton and poses no issues.

I have noted with the MXU 59 and DAT 790 MIX that I do get more uniform signal strength on each of those Dayton signals and I don't have to worry about moving the antenna up or down a few inches to get better reception of Ch. 2 or Ch. 7 while worrying about Ch. 26. Ch. 26 is the least important signal at this time because once the Repack is in effect, it will be off the air.
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