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Originally Posted by NapMan View Post
Is that possible that the plane was causing momentary signal loss? It was almost like clockwork...I would start to see the picture break up, then the screen went black with the signal loss error and then I heard the plane go over. Then, as the plane's sound began to fade, the picture came right back on.
Since I was born in the 1950's, interference from airplanes had been a way of life. But with analog tv signals, you'd see ghosting on the screen. With the recent changeover to digital signals, you don't get ghosting - you get some pixelation at best, but usually a full drop-out with black screen, as the same signal coming from different directions, and arriving at slightly different times, is enough to confuse the tv tuner, or cancel enough of the signal to where the tuner can't maintain a lock.

The antenna, IMO at least, is a bit light for your TV Fool report. An antenna system with a bit narrower beam height, vertically stacked (like the DB4e) might help prevent that.

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