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Tv antennas and Tv reception

Using the tvfool radar report Pending Applications Included of Digital Tv Stations/channels. For two antennas , one on a rotor and one in a fixed position.

I would do it this way. Mount the HD7698P antenna with the Winegard AP8275 preamp in a fixed position aimed at about 355 degree magnetic compass for the for sure reception of the Tv stations from the north/west , north , north/east.

And put the HBU55 on the rotor for the reception of WSB-TV 14 ABC and WPXA-DT 51 ION if not received by the HD7698P (I think WSB and WPXA will be received by the HD7698P). And the HBU55 can rotate to receive WTJP-TV 26 Trinity Broadcasting Network (there is also another TBN to the north that will be received by the HD7698P WELF-TV 16 TBN) . , WCIQ 7 PBS , WXIA-DT 10 NBC , WGTV-DT 8 PBS , WATC-DT 41 IND.
Here is a Remote Control A/B antenna switch Radio Shack # 15-1968 .

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