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I had a choice of a new thread or resurrect this old one.
Hope this is ok.

Thanks, again, for your indulgence.

I'll start off by saying I'm aware of repack and don't think any of my issues are related to that.

I have lost stations recently, both UHF and VHF.
Actually, I can't get any VHF stations at all.

My UHF antenna is an Antennas Direct DB8E and my VHF is a Channel Master Deep Fringe Masterpiece 100-Mile Range Outdoor Antenna

I replaced the splitter/amplifier with a new Antennas Direct.
I have used both , that one and the CM 3020(?).

Here is my TVFool report.

Here are the stations I have lost.

Call Letters RF Virtual
WQED 4 4
WTAE 27 4
WPCW 30 19
*WTOV 9 9
*WWCP 8 8

The first two I have been able to receive recently
The next two have been a while and the last one would be nice.

I have not adjusted the UHF antenna since I got it optimized but do adjust the CM to see if I can get anything with it.

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated
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