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WOOD TV 8 Muskegon DRT offline through March 2019 for repack new frequency

Hi Corvairbob,

After what one of my colleagues found out in an e-mail this week, I wanted to pass along the following to you. I'm finding this thread is the follow-up to the one that was going last year:

The Digital Replacement Translator (DRT) broadcast near Muskegon for WOOD TV 8 NBC is currently offline. There's been no crawl for this, nor posting on their website. And maybe because it's a DRT, there's not even been a FCC filing.

My co-worker who lives north of Ravenna (but still in Muskegon county) had just gotten his antenna adjusted to where he was getting this signal great. Then around February 1st, it ceased to reach him.

He initiated a message to the station through their website's "Contact Us" page. The e-mail that came back to him explained that the repack to the new frequency (from RF46 down to RF34) is now progressing, and that "after March 2019" viewers in the area will need to re-scan each of their TVs to find the new signal. (But it'll still have the same "virtual channels" of 8-x.)

Perhaps you and your girl at both your locations have already realized that the lack of NBC is not your antennas. I'll try to post back once my colleague mentions to me that he's getting it again from the Muskegon area tower.

I'm also reading in this thread that you've come up with a way to have your TV antenna(s) on the garage roof again, and get their output across the driveway to your home. That's great! My sense in our messages before is that the large trees (and their leaves) were a big part of you hindered reception.

Cheers! Statmanmi
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