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Originally Posted by corvairbob View Post
so with the talk of horizontal tv antenna tell me are they better that the one i have listed and talking about here?
An antenna for receiving TV signals should have horizontal polarization because TV signals have primarily horizontal polarization. Just because the PVC tubing is vertical, doesn't mean that the antenna has vertical polarization. It is possible for a vertical antenna to have horizontal polarization if it is a slot antenna, which is why Tower Guy, who is a retired TV station engineer, guessed a slot design.
i tried searching for pictures on the one i have and for the mst part all i find are horizontal type tv antennas. the one i put up for my girl is shown and it get all the local stations i get plus a few more, and it is this puny 4' lont pc of cpvc pipe with coax running out the bottom, i know it has the coas inside and don't know anymore about how it is set up inside.
I suspect that it has more than just coax inside because it performs well and was built by a TV station engineer.
i do not want to take a class on the technology of the tv broadcasting but it seems to me the pole type i have wi more suited to omni directional pickup rather than a horizontal style that will only receive perpendicular to the sender.
Yes, a vertical antenna usually has vertical polarization and an Omni pattern. But, if it is a slot design, it can be a vertical antenna with horizontal polarization and an Omni pattern
i say this because i have 3 antenna on my roof now and they are all pointing 3 different directions and they are the yagi type or horizontal beams. and they seem to do a bit of interfering of each other and that little pole antenna i put up for the girl gets way more than i get.
That does make me curious about what is inside the PVC. I hope you can look inside without damaging it.

Have you combined your 3 antennas in some way or do they have separate feed lines?
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