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ProjectSHO89 tested the RS Gold UVSJ:

When I tested it with my signal level meter the insertion loss in the passbamd was about 0.5 dB.

Here are the Holland specs:

The UVSJ contains a high pass filter and a low pass filter, which are inherently low loss.
Originally Posted by lifespeed View Post
Right now I'm pulling in a 10dB noise margin station without preamp on the XG91 UHF antenna,
so not a lot of room for added loss.
You can add the antenna gain to the NM to make it more positive.

Nice photo of your antennas, but it makes your thread hard to read because the posts are very wide. I try to limit my images to
about 800 pixels wide.

Originally Posted by lifespeed View Post
Some of the signals I receive are in the sub-20dB noise margin range, so I have tried to be very
careful with short RG6, no splitters, etc.
It is difficult to receive signals with a NM lower than -10 dB. If you are able to receive a signal with a NM lower than -10 dB, you have an excellent antenna system, your tvfool report is wrong, or they have been enhanced by Tropospheric Propagation.

With so many factors involved, try the easy way first with the UVSJ down below.

If you are concerned about the insertion loss of the UVSJ for UHF, you have a choice of two UHF antennas to combine with the
VHF antenna; pick the one that will do the least harm to UHF reception.
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