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Cold Weather, Cloud Covering, signal strength...

Originally Posted by olnick View Post
I have just the opposite problem! the colder it is the more chs I can receive?? Now I get NONE ota!!! time to start at the ant and work my way back down prior to snow on the roof!

Is there a cloud covering over your area?
I have noticed if the weather is cold, BUT a cloud covering above us, we get more signal strength.
I believe the UHF/VHF frequencies may be bouncing off the clouds and/or the mountain tops/edges near our location.

If the temps drop below 60F, with No cloud covering, we lose a few stations.
We're still using the RCA Pre-Amp at the mount, and a Motorola dist. amp in the attic to drive all 5 TV hookups.
HD8200XL and HDB91X with RCA TVPRAMP1R pre-amp aimed at Mt. Wilson (Los Angeles) in Etiwanda area.
CM3410 dist. amp in attic for a 5 room hookup.

Located in foothills behind Mt. Baldy, and experiencing signal loss and pixelation depending on time of day.
Using RCA rotator motor now to tweak.

Location Radar
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