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You will find additional discussion in another topic Difficult location 15 miles west of Seattle The 91XG is over 7 and a half feet long!

My priority for picking up additional stations is first channel 7, then 9 and then 11. Channels 9 and 11 are holding their original channel assignments in the high-vhf band. Since they have transmitter/towers in the same area on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle it seemed like it would be easy to add them with a bigger antenna covering both high-vhf and uhf.

However, I have still been plagued with occasional stuttering on most other stations. It was difficult to pin down the culprit since our commercial TVs are known to have questionable signal handling quality because manufacturers know that 95 percent (or more) people now use cable TV. I have been using a PCT TV preamp and yesterday I removed it from the system. I lost channel 7 but - the stuttering stopped! So, I fine tuned the position of the 91XG and found I could occasionally pick channel 7 but it was not watchable.

Thinking some more, I remembered I had tweaked the PCT MA-B1015-1A-VG preamp for maximum gain. Could this be the problem? So, I replaced the PCT and reduce the gain to its minimum. Channel 7 was stuttering but more watchable. With the PCT back in the system almost all the other channels now had the occasional stuttering again which means this preamp is likely suffering from some sort of intermodulation distortion.

My conclusion is that either I got a bad PCT or channel 13 is just too close and will saturate the front end of any preamp I use. I do have an article that tells how to make a tuned stub filter and I am thinking of making one just for channel 13

For now I will be content to forgo 7, 9 and 11. I still have 4, 5, 13, 16, 20 and 22. Not so bad. Peace!


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