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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
You cannot fully compare a UHF-only antenna with a U/V combo antenna. The 7698 is, in reality, two antennas that are assembled nose-to-tail. Only the front end of the 7698 is comparable to the 91XG and that's on UHF only. The back part of the 7698 is for high-VHF which is not a part of the 91XG's design. Combo antennas, by their very nature, represent a set of compromises while a single band antenna does not.

You're usually better off using a separate high-VHF antenna combine with a UHF antenna. That allows you the flexibility of putting each antenna where it really works best, locations which may not be in the same place for UHF or VHF.
Yes, I understand the nature of the compromise in that design. However, with a 14 foot boom, by all observation it would appear to overcome that compromise. What I hear you saying is apparently not, at least not enough to make it worthwhile.

I cannot support three antennas. Seattle and the Silverdale repeater are opposite one another in my location so I will have to forgo the hi-vhf channels. The 91XG is a very impressive performer and I will keep it. Thank you for helping me make this decision.
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