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An antenna with a 14 foot boom has little expectation of gain? Really?
You cannot fully compare a UHF-only antenna with a U/V combo antenna. The 7698 is, in reality, two antennas that are assembled nose-to-tail. Only the front end of the 7698 is comparable to the 91XG and that's on UHF only. The back part of the 7698 is for high-VHF which is not a part of the 91XG's design. Combo antennas, by their very nature, represent a set of compromises while a single band antenna does not.

a combined vhf-hi/uhf to pick up Seattle 9 and 11
You're usually better off using a separate high-VHF antenna combine with a UHF antenna. That allows you the flexibility of putting each antenna where it really works best, locations which may not be in the same place for UHF or VHF.

I was very surprised to find the DB8 has a claimed gain of around 17 dBi
That would be the re-scaled DB8e, not the older DB8. The older antenna's gain peaked up in what is now the cellular bands. By rescaling the antenna, the peak gain moved down into the current UHF band and bumped those numbers up by an average of 2-3 dB gain improvement.

I know they have a very wide beamwidth
Actually, they are the opposite (very narrow beamwidth), not much different from UHF Yagi antennas as far as half-power beam widths go. Nulls and the side/back lobes tend to be quite different, though, from a comparable Yagi.
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