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Hey, ADTech, I can always count on a healthy dose of reality coming from you! Thanks for weighing in.

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
the 7698 on UHF (it has no expectation of VHF performance).

You do realize the 7698 is 14' long, don't you?

Perhaps it would be best if the reason for the dropouts was identified so that an solution might be investigated.
An antenna with a 14 foot boom has little expectation of gain? Really?

Since I removed the PCT preamp the random stuttering on 100 percent signals has stopped. And channel 7 (39) has completely dropped out.

It is difficult to assess the relative performance of various antennas. Some have claimed/measured performance figures; some don't. I was very surprised to find the DB8 has a claimed gain of around 17 dBi. Having some background in antenna theory it is hard to believe that 8 wideband dipoles mounted on a simple reflector could have that much performance. They used to call those "bedspring antennas." I know they have a very wide beamwidth so I was wondering about the claims for more signal stability due to the larger reflector capture area.

I had thought about getting a combined vhf-hi/uhf to pick up Seattle 9 and 11 since they transmit from the same area on Queen Anne Hill and it was clear that I needed a second antenna anyway. If the CM4228HD or DB8 is not the appropriate antenna for my situation then I suppose I could forget 9 and 11 and get a 42XG to pick up the channel 7 (26) repeater which is nearly 180 degrees from from the Seattle heading.

I appreciate your experience in these matters.


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