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Door Openers and Alarm System Motion Detectors run off of Inferred
They see a difference in heat from the previous measurement

I would check if you have water in your system.. either in the preamp or tubes or wires. Cable Companies send crews around all the time due to those problems which are weather related.

Different frequencies of radio/tv waves are effected more dramatically by small losses. If you lose 3db ... i can't remember right now which end of the spectrum but its something like you can lose 3db on high uhf and feel very little effect but on vhf or low uhf it can drop out your signal... again could be reversed i forget and its almost 2am...

but IR or PIR motion detectors cars .. all that other stuff... nah blah.. nothing to do with radio waves...

Originally Posted by Stereocraig View Post
For the same reason we can hear farther under water.
Tighter molecules, along w/ less heat distortion, as you mentioned.

You can verify this, by driving past businesses that have burglar alarms/ door openers and a radar detector. In warm weather, you need to be right on top of them to activate the detector and in colder weather, you can be considerably farther away.

Properly running cars, also run better in cold weather.
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