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RE: Compare Original CM-777x to TVPRAMP1R


Thanks for posting the photos.

It does look like it could be a re-layout of the Channel Master legacy design, only with a higher parts count. Usually the goal is to make things cheaper by reducing the parts count. I wonder if Audiovox made them for both Channel Master and RCA?

If it is a re-layout, I’m surprised the RCA showed the immunity to overload I experienced. From what I’ve read the Channel Masters had good gain and noise figure specifications but were prone to overload in strong or mixed strong/fringe environments. With my -13.4 dBm FM & -15.6 dBm TV stations I would have expected the Channel Masters to overload even worse than the Winegard’s.

Do you know if the CM-7777 or CM-7778 had onboard voltage regulation? I don’t see anything that looks like it could be a voltage regulator but that was one convenience of the Winegards. Also, did the Channel Master amps have any shielding? It looks like reversing the mounting orientation allowed better shielding for the coils.

In any case, I’m glad I found the RCA’s. I thought with both Channel Master & Winegard discontinuing their dual input pre-amps. it was going to create a real hardship for those of us that use separate VHF and UHF antennas. It doesn’t hurt that the RCA is available through local outlets like Walmart & Office Depot for less than half the price of the Channel Masters & Winegards.

I’m anxious to see how the one I just ordered performs on my tower.

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