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Hoa's , the humans that are hiding behind their rules and regulations. Are ->well aware<- of the Federal Antenna Law that says Yes you can install a Broadcast Tv Reception Antenna of Any Size so as to have Reliable Reception.

You can not be forced to pay a fee or be delayed installing a Broadcast Tv Antenna of any size or a Small satellite Tv dish.


The tvfool radar plot report is showing no antenna height feet above ground.

A standard reference Broadcast Tv Antenna height above ground is 25 feet.

I am not saying to install the antenna at 25 feet , I will like to have a look at signal strengths at 25 feet , gives me a better idea at what is reliable received and what is not reliable received. So I can make a better recommendation.

Do not delete your first tvfool report and please make a new report with the exact address and make the antenna height 25 feet.

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