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You could consider moving the pre-amp down to a more serviceable height or location. As an example, my antennas are 55' up in a pine tree. I used a large man lift to do the installation, but knowing the difficulty of access in the future, I made the decision to put the pre-amp down at the bottom of the tree in case it fails. To compensate, I bought lower-loss RG-11 coax to carry the signal down to the tree. I think RG-11 it has 30-50% less loss than RG-6, depending on UHF or VHF (easy to look up). Also, I bought a Kitz-tech KT-200 extremely low noise pre-amp to preserve as much SNR as possible. From the base of my try, it is about 200 feet back to the house and TVs. Equipment costs were a bit more expensive up front, but I am happy with my decision. FWIW, the Kitz-tech has been working flawlessly for about 4 years at the moment.
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