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I truly appreciate the help, that tvpramp unit seems to have a high failure rate, talk of low voltage from the power supply causing poor performance/ doa, or Dead within a month, lot of good talk about the channel master 7778HD, at 100 bux it is not cheap, but it is a long term cure I am looking for. Interesting getting differing ideas between the DB-4e and 8e. Again, the price doesn't bother me as I would rather do it just one more time instead of trying to do it on the cheaper side. true you can't just throw money at a problem and expect that to work, but cheaping ut ends many times in tossing that initial moeny away, and bringing new/ more money to the problem.

as a side note, if you think my tv reception map is bad, you should see my Verizon signal. I have a weboost setup that helps that end of the spectrum, and may upgrade the outside end of that with a yagi.
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