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Antenna Impossible?

My wife and I watch very little TV, and would like to drop our Satellite account. We would like to be able to watch the local channels. The problem is:

My TVFOOL report :

My house is surrounded by trees, I have attached a picture showing the front of the house and the trees.

My wife does not want the antenna on the outside, so it will have to be in the attic, pointing out towards the front of the house and the trees. The attic will have pressed board and shingles in the way. There is no siding, or insulation foil in the way.

The worst station is WLOS 13.1 at 14.3 NM dB; the other stations have a stronger signal. All the stations are basically in the same direction, so a directional antenna will be acceptable.

I could use some direction on a. Is it possible for me to get the local channels, including ABC via an attic Antenna; b. Which antenna (I have a lot of room in the attic so size is not a factor) should I buy; and c. amplification.

Thank you in advance for you help.
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