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Intermittent reception problems can be frustrating.

Pay attention to the weather. If it's windy, moving tree limbs often cause signal strength to fluctuate rapidly, causing the tuner to loose it's lock on the signal due to it's need to adjust to the new conditions. If this is the cause of your trouble, moving the antenna to a location that has less trees to contend with is indicated.

If the weather has been wet a day or two earlier, moisture in the coax is a possibility. A sudden drop in outdoor temperature can also cause moisture to condense inside the coax.

Is one or more appliances or other electrically powered devise causing interference? Sometimes you have to turn off all the power in the building except for the TV, then turn things back on one step at a time to isolate and identify the problem causing devise(s). CFL and LED bulbs, phone chargers and nearly any other electrical devise can cause interference.

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