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Heh... You're just down the road from me. (heh).

Well, not sure if you heard of my update to my situation to get CHAN (RF 22), and other BC stations.

Quick summary:

With my old RS VU-160, or CM 4221 or home-built M4, on occasion (such as last night and this morning), I've been able to get a picture on in this order: RF 22, 20, sometimes 26, and 43, and once-in-a blue moon RF 17.. amazing, eh? These are 107 miles away for me with NMs from -8 to -15dB... The one channel I've not gotten is RF 32 (which has a slightly better NM than RF20).. but I guess my M4 I tuned for low UHF, so maybe that's why it picks up... and RF 17 might conflict with a local LP RF 17 in Everett/Marysville just about 20 deg off center of BC (Mt Seymour)... hmm...
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