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Western Maine Reception

Hi, thx for input. Wondering why no comment to HD stacker antenna ot 8200u. The 8200u which has same dbgain as 7698 as seen on Wingard site.

HD stacker is an easier size for my husband to install due to stacking technology and is stated built for strong winds/heavy duty as is stated to the 8200.

I am trying to understand here.... 3 different forums/antenna suggestions have suggested 3 different antennas, all listed above. Costs are within $20 of each other.

Question is what truly are the differences.

Question: looking at gain charts on Winegard site the 7698 doesn't show dbgain for channels 2,4 and 6....but the 8200 does. If you can explain why much appreciated.

To answer question in reply, antenna is 30 ft up, house built into hill and side it is going on is walk out side, 3 stories up.

Again thx for any and all info!
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