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Originally Posted by jrgagne99 View Post
I too am bummed that I won't be able to watch the Pats beat up on the Bills this weekend.

A bit more seriously, there is actually precedent for NFL-Network games being broadcast on the local networks, for especially really big games. It happened in 2007 for the Patriot's final game of their undefeated regular season.

ESPN has been saying this is the biggest game for the Bills since the Jim Kelly era. Maybe your local stations will simulcast it? It is certainly worth looking into.

If not, I guess we'll all just need to go old-school and listen on the radio. At least that signal hasn't gone digital yet, in the US at least.

With all sincerity, good luck guys!
None of the local OTA listings show it.

Yes, it's a big game. But even if the Bills win, they're (the offense) still not a SB caliber team. Maybe in a couple more seasons.

But we'll see.
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