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Thanks for the advice. I've tried (re)pointing the antenna around quite a bit. Right now I've got it facing directly at the Fox signal direction as best I can. Unfortunately that means aiming it right at my neighbor's 30 ft. pine tree too. After reading the description of tree issues on the link you posted, I think that's exactly what my problem is, since it does seem to be worse in the wind. I was thinking about moving the antenna clear to the opposite end of my roof to see if that might help. The only reason I put it on the south end of the roof to begin with is because that's where the existing grounding block is mounted on the side of the house. Do you think moving it all the way over to the North end of the roof would put enough distance between it and the offending tree(s) to make much of a difference in signal, or would I just be wasting my time?
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