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Tv Reception

At 34.412781 , -83.530614 at the south west corner of the white building structure is what looks like a brown patch of ground. After much hunting with the red balloon pointer / antenna location , this looks like a good location to put a 50 foot telescoping pole the Channel Master CM 1650 . . The antenna is a Winegard HD 7698P with a Winegard AP8700 preamp . . With the antenna pointed to the north east in the direction of channel WYFF 36 NBC you will also receive WNEG 24 IND. , WNTV 9 PBS , WHNS 21 FOX , WSPA 7 CBS. <-- This is with the antenna fixed in the north east direction. With a Channel Master remote control Rotator CM 9521A , the antenna can be rotated around in the opposite direction and receive WSB 31 ABC and WUVG 17 Univision. And WGGD-LP 23 / WDWW-LP 28 , PBS/GPB ????

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