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distribution amp'S

Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
Nascarken, unless I misunderstand you, I have separate feeds up to the distribution amp where they are combined.

This is how I have been doing it for almost a couple years and just now experiencing it.

Joe AZ, also, why is this just now manifesting?

Is it because of the new Channel Master?

When the Clearstream 5 from Antennas Direct was hooked up with the DB 8 E, it wasn't a problem.
The antenna Direct antennas are all hi gain!!
ANTENNAs it does not matter where you put the distribution AMP
And that is what the ANTENNA manufactures say,I like when installing antenna
equipment and do not do the home work in the first place hello Rabbit ears
I have an OTHER Johansson amp kit would you be willing too tack it it's the
vhf/uhf and do testing on it and tell me what you think about them.
and I have like 15 left of them?? no more antenna installing for me my M,S
Has got the best of me,but hi gain ANTENNAs read about hi gain ANTENNAs and
what the antenna manufactures say.about distribution amp's.
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