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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
The 3020 was cheaper, too.
If I could have found info that stated low VHF, I may have gone that route.

I do have a channel master amp that's only a month old and a pretty new pre-amp.

Looks to be about a week for the new antenna to be ready for pick up.
I'll be back
You should have looked at SOLiD
and I didn't know if you had an amplifier
So how hi up are you going with the channel master.
But I think you should have went with the 3020.
I think it's more of what you are looking for.
The 5020 is more hi band vhf,than low the 5020
Came out when the hi vh f Took off
The 3020 has a better RECEIVE on low band vhf.
Go to SOLiD and check it out.
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