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Thanks for the suggestions.

I rescan (almost) daily with no effect.

Antennas Direct support said that one station, WPGH 53, moved from real 43 to 20.
I think they said that it would improve the signal through the hills but decrease it through the trees (or something like that.)

WQED 13 moved from real 13 to 2 and cut their power.
The tech said I might need a low VHF directional antenna.

The other two stations are a mystery.

I was looking at replacing my Clear Stream 5 with something like a Channel Master 3020 or 5020.

I can't determine if the 3020 is a low VHF antenna or not.

Also, looking for the reception angle for the 3020.
Supposedly the 5020 is this:

Reception angles:
VHF L (channels 2-6, and FM) 63 degrees
VHF H (channels 7-13) 34 degrees
UHF 39 degrees
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