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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
Rather than start a new thread, I thought I'd resurrect this one because it is still related.

Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

After replacing the balun, I still wasn't able to get much reception.

I figured out that my Channel Master amp went bad.
Upon replacement, I got lots of stations again.
For a short while, that is.

I have lost all but one of my VHF stations and can't get them back.
The stations I have lost are:
WPCW 19 which was one of my strongest stations. I was able to get that, almost, with the antenna on the ground. Now, it is very weak and pixelated.

WTOV 9. This one was a long ways off but came in real well. Nothing now.

WQED 13. This wasn't a terribly strong station but it usually came in.

(I have, also, lost WPGH 53 (virtual) and this is the only UHF station I can't get.)

It is my understanding that WQED has moved to low on the VHF band and reduced power.
I was told that WPGH has also moved down to real channel 20.

Right now, the Clear Stream gets WWCO 8 because I pointed it there to get a Fox channel and it's strong.

I have tried from 180 to 245 degrees trying to pick up some of the lost stations but nothing.

I have about one week to decide to return the Clear Stream to Antennas Direct and go back to a directional antenna.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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