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Lost all VHF stations

I was happily getting all the stations that were available to me on VHF and UHF until a week and a half ago.

I received a lot of great patient help here in this thread a couple years ago.

Forgive the long post and hope you will help me again.
Thanks, in advance.

About 10 days ago we had some pretty high winds that spun my CM VHF antenna around and pulled the cable out of it's connector.
After several failed attempts to put on a new end, I bought a new 50' cable.

There was still a section of cable I couldn't reach because the connections were too high above my roof line to reach and it's a bit of a chore to drop the antenna and raise it again.

I got a new antenna from Antennas Direct; a ClearStream 5.
Moved it away from the metal roof and it's 16'-18' high.

It's pointed around 220.

Before, I got the following VHF stations:
WPCW 11 (RF) 19 Virtual
WTOV 9 9
WQED 13 13
WWCP 8 8

After I only get WWCP.
I shouldn't get this because it's in a way different direction.

I got a Klein continuity tester.
Connected to the coax that runs to the antenna,
It reads "Open"

Not sure what that means or how to fix the problem.

The cable is connected to the balun on one end and a pre-amp on the other
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