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New Antenna? Weather..from Ant751

I've had an RCA Ant751 attached to the side of my house up near the roof. Feeds 2 outlets with a single outdoor splitter. Both outlets are about 50 feet from the antenna (cable length), down side of house through basement and up through floor. One outlet goes directly to a 50" Insignia TV. The other outlet has a splitter that feed two dual tuner Hauppauge hvr-2250 cards (total 4 tuners) in a wmc 8.1 htpc. RG6, grounded. no amp.

Reception strength is a little better on the insignia TV. I'm assuming because it is either more sensitive than the PC cards or it isn't split again.

In general reception is good most of the year. Since I put up the antenna, trees have gotten bigger. In the summer, reception is worse. Especially if it is rainy. Sometimes I can only get a few channels in the rain. All the stations I care about are about 30-35 miles away at around 300-310 degrees, green TV fool area. Combo of UHF, hiVHF.

Wondering if a bigger antenna would help. I really want to keep the antenna
In the same location, if possible, not sure how large an antenna I could mount to the wall of the house.

The Ant751 has been up for about 7 years. There is a big Aspen tree right in front of it, line of sight to stations (branches/leaves, not main trunk), within a couple of feet.

Any suggestions?

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