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All of that data is in the FCC licensing database.

Some of the data is in formats that are a bit obtuse and require some training to decipher into understandable descriptions and data.

When a station broadcast a signal is that signal coming off the tower flat like a disc or shaped like a umbrella.
I've used the description of "shaped like the cross-section of a toadstool cap" to describe the vertical elevation pattern of many transmit antennas. The amount of "droop" from the horizontal, when used, is specified as electrical beam tilt. Additional beam tilt in a particular direction can be added by mechanical means for areas that require such. Los Angeles has a number of transmitting antennas that have both.

The tower sites on Sharp Ridge are at around 1300' ASL elevation and the towers themselves are up to 1500' tall above that site placing the transmitting antennas around 2500-2800' ASL, depending on the location on the tower.

Please note that the TVFool calculations do not take the vertical elevation profile of the transmitting antenna into account as this data is often not in the FCC database.
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