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Originally Posted by Victoria Whitsett View Post
Hi friends,

I know this is a tv site, but I have a problem with my radio antennas and I don't know where else to turn.

I listen to AM radio. I have one in each room of my apartment, and all worked fine till last week, when suddenly they all developed so much static that they're unlistenable. I moved the positions of the radios and their antennas, but that didn't help. I deduced that something changed, but that I was not the cause of it.

Does anyone have any information or advice for me? Thanks.
Hello, Victoria; welcome to the forum.

We will try to help you as best we can.

It is true that some TVs can cause interference. Other devices can cause similar interference: AC adapters for laptop computers, battery chargers, and many types of lighting.

I think the most likely cause is the new types of lighting, like CFLs and LEDs.

I suggest you use a battery operated portable radio tuned to the AM broadcast band to hunt for sources of the interference. Most portable radios have a built-in antenna that is directional which might help you in hunting for a source. This is the one I use:

If you still can't locate the source of interference, or are unable to do anything about it even if you do know the cause, I suggest you listen to FM. That's what my sister does; she likes NPR.
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