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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Is there a metal screen or low-E glass in front of the antenna? Any trees or other buildings in the signal path from the NE?
Yes, there is a screen door and glass door in front of the antenna. This was not an issue previously when I originally posted though.

Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
These channels?
2.x, WBBM, CBS, real channel 12
your DB4e isn't designed to get that
5.x, WMAQ, NBC, real channel 29
7.x, WLS, ABC, real channel 44
11.x, WTTW, PBS, real channel 47
20.x, WYCC, PBS, real channel 21
Yes, those are the ones that I am having trouble with (5.X+). I am not sure if the issue is the antenna (getting bad?), or that I have too many things downstream from the antenna (RCA preamp, and Channel Master DVR+).

Given the location, should I switch over to a DB8 (not DB8e)?
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