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Based on your TVFOOL report image it looks like you are in Morris, IL 60450 near the Walmart Supercenter with a report something like this:

The channels for your zip code are (click on callsign for networks):

and your FM signals look something like this:
I am looking to get another antenna. I plan to put it on the balcony, or right inside by the glass/screen door, which faces NE.
Is there a metal screen or low-E glass in front of the antenna? Any trees or other buildings in the signal path from the NE?
I am trying to improve signal quality of the channels mentioned in post #13 (2.x, 5.x, 7.x, 11.x, 20.x). I am having particular difficulty with 2.x and 7.x, with 7.x being the one I care most about. This wasn't an issue before, except in bad weather. Now it is somewhat common.
These channels?
2.x, WBBM, CBS, real channel 12
your DB4e isn't designed to get that
5.x, WMAQ, NBC, real channel 29
7.x, WLS, ABC, real channel 44
11.x, WTTW, PBS, real channel 47
20.x, WYCC, PBS, real channel 21
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