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Okay, the equipment arrived, and I'm getting ready to install tomorrow.

I am a little puzzled by the settings on the RCA TVPRAMP-1R...and I seem to remember reading (in the Amazon reviews, perhaps) people talking about the settings being backwards.

The instructions that came in the box said that the device comes from the factory with FM Trap set to On and VHF/UHF set to Common. But the accompanying illustration seemed to show the exact opposite of what I found when I took at look at my unit. (See for an online version of the instructions.)

I've attached a picture of what the settings presently look like on my unit. Something is obviously backwards: either the factory settings are the reverse of what the instructions state, or the illustration in the instructions is backwards, or I'm misunderstanding what I'm seeing here. Could someone experienced with this unit please take a look and advise what to do?
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