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I would not put an antenna in an attic. My father in law lives on higher ground than I do nearby and has an antenna with 3db more gain than I do. His in his attic about 15’ up. Mine was on a pole in the back yard about 10’ up. I got twice the stations he does. Attics kill reception.

Your predicted NM’s are better at 25’ than they are at 15’, but there are more co-channel flags at 25’, so the best height may take some trial and error. It is best to try the antenna in a variety of places at a variety of heights before drilling any holes or screwing anything down permanently. Maybe the best location from a reception standpoint is low enough to be hidden from the street, maybe not, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

In my experience height is your friend. I had some marginal stations at 10’. At 20’ they became rock solid. So just because the antenna works down low, try up high because things may improve. Also, an antenna up higher will probably have less problems with leaves in the summer. My 10’ antenna had seasonal dependence on what stations it got when the leaves came in.
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